Merlin is Sarah's canine companion within the movie. He has a very short amount of screen time in the movie at the begining. He's a breed of sheepdog. He appears for the scenes when she is pretending he is the goblin king(as she is acting out the scene in the book "the Labyrinth" he also stays with her after that scene finishes and they both run through the streets to Sarah's house. From this point on in the movie he is thought to be in "the garage".

Obidience to SarahEdit

  • It would appear that Merlin is very obidient to Sarah. When he is first seen, he sits down calmly on a stone bench while Sarah says her monologue, but jumps down imidiatly when she calls him to "come on".
  • when he follows her, he stays close to her while she runs: across roads, through streets and alleyways.
  • When they eventually reach Sarah's home he even stays by her side while she's standing in the rain.
  • When Merlin is told by the Stepmother to "go into the garage" he seems to ignore her command but does go eventually once being told by Sarah.
    • This shows that he'll only listen to Sarah.

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