Sarah step
"Stepmother" was a character performed by Shelley Thompson but had very little screen time in the movie as only appered in the beginning to let Sarah into the house and to "talk" to her.

In the movie she is not named (she is just refered to as "Stepmother") in the credits although in the novelisation by A. C. H. Smith she is named Irene Williams. She is the step mother of Sarah and biological mother of Toby and she may or may not possibly be married to Sarah's father.


  • According to her, her and Sarah's "father go out very rarely" but Sarah disagrees saying that they "go out every single weekend".
  • She only ever asks Sarah "to baby-sit Only if it won't interfere with" her plans.
  • prior to the movie, she apparently used to ask Sarah about her plans but now she doesn't even ask her anymore but justifys herself by saying that she "would assume sarah would tell" her.
  • She would like it if Sarah went on a date and believe that that's what Sarah should be doing at her age.
  • She believes Sarah treats her like a wicked step-mother no matter what she says or does.
    • and it would seem that because of this she leaves Sarah's father to deal with this issue. (Which he doesn't)


  • Her make-up is somewhat simple but still feminen.
    • Eye liner - this seems to be thonly make-up she is garenteed to be wearing
    • Lipstick?
    • Foudation?
    • Mascarra?
    • (lightly applied)Blusher?
  • Jewelery
    • (stud) pearl earings
    • Pearl neacklace
  • Outfit
    • White/ Light Pink high-heels
    • White skirt( starts from between the breasts and the hips and ends just below the knees)
    • Baby Pink short sleved Shirt
    • Pink belt/bow - connects the shirt to the skirt
  • Hair style
    • Blonde (Short) "New wave", this was a very fashionable hairstlye that started in the 70-80's period.